Sorrow, shock and so much more!

I live near Seattle and watched the peaceful protests turn violent yesterday. I can only imagine the pent up anger many of the protesters were feeling and a sense of hopelessness. What is it going to take for Blacks to be able to safely walk, jog, drive, and bird watch; have access to healthcare and be able to stay safe during a pandemic? Unfortunately, this feels like a rhetorical question.

There are many different aspects, but the one I am feeling most keenly today is that of a mother or grandmother. I can’t begin to imagine the fear they have for their Black children and grandchildren EVERY SINGLE DAY!

And where is the leadership to pull us all together as a nation to grieve and to change course!

I think this article in the WA Post resonated the most with me – America is in a crisis!


2 thoughts on “Sorrow, shock and so much more!

  1. Yes. Well said. I have been thinking about what I can do. I can recognize my own white privilege, stay informed, get informed, take action. It is hard to know what will make the most difference.


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