I posted Black on Instagram

Actually, I didn’t.  But I know many people and businesses have posted Black as a show of solidarity.  And I am not critical of that action.

But I do want to go deeper on this. 

One of my all-time favorite companies, Grayling Jewelry, put their money on the line.  They are a small woman owned business in Portland. They have been trying to survive on mail order only.  On Saturday, they donated to several CBO’s in Portland in support of racial equity.  That is the kind of action that has meaning to me.

And here is a great article that talks about race from a white privilege perspective (thanks, M).  I always think about the Black pro athletes in the NFL and the damage being done to their bodies.  And how few Black coaches there are.

And a column from the New York Times on the Destructive Power of Despair.

As promised yesterday, I started So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo.  She says ‘if you are looking for a simple way to determine if something is about race, here are some basic rules:

  1. It is about race if a person of color thinks it is about race
  2. It is about race if it disproportionately or differently impacts people of color (COVID-19)
  3. It is about race if it fits into a broader pattern of events that disproportionately or differently affect people of color’

I guess what concerns me the most is our (my) short attention span.  Everyone was all over the whole 99% movement and it fizzles, we get fired up about gun control after a mass shooting and no meaningful laws are usually passed, we are all over COVID 19 and then get bored and party with friends.

Since before this country was founded, there has been racism.  And since it still isn’t safe for a Black man to jog without being shot, not much has really changed.

And I am back to thinking about what I can do now and looking back at my many years in the workplace and the things I didn’t do then!



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