Coming of age in a pandemic…

Our grandson is graduating from high school on Saturday.  His life changed when schools were closed in March due to COVID 19.  All the traditions vanished overnight– senior prom, senior project, senior trip, baseball, senior awards, and now graduation.  His graduation is on Saturday and will be held as a ‘drive by’.  He and his family will be able to drive up and get his diploma.  His dad is the school principal, so that’s a plus! We will visit him on Sunday for a physically distanced picnic (fingers crossed on the weather).

So what is next for him? 

What will his summer hold?  I remember the summer after I graduated from high school fondly.  I had a great summer job as a park lady and spent tons of time hanging out with my friends before college in the fall.   His summer will likely be vastly different. 

What about college this fall?  Will he be able to attend classes on campus or will it be another stint of remote learning? 

And how long will the pandemic go on?  Nobody knows how long we will be dealing with COVID 19 and if there will be a second wave in the fall.  That could make things even more challenging for a college freshman. 

And how long will the protests continue?  And will they result in meaningful change in the near term?  Will it be up to him and his generation to do the heavy lifting necessary for equity across the board?

Midst all these unknowns, there is one thing I do know.  He is an amazing guy!  He is smart, kind, funny and loyal.  His friends are an impressive bunch, as well.  Even though the road ahead is filled with more unknowns than I ever faced, I am confident in his navigation skills.

Congratulations to him and the class of 2020 and here’s to all of you!


P.S. My favorite Op-Ed today in the Seattle Times is by Brenda Salter McNeil – ‘United’ States has never been honest about how hateful it is.  I can’t post the link, because I ran out of free articles. It is worth googling.   My favorite quote from it:

White protesters are demanding their rights to a haircut and Black protesters are demanding their right to live!’

P.S.S. I won’t be posting over the weekend.  That way I will know it is a weekend. See you on Monday.


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