COVID times

It was the best of times… was the COVID times…..

Here we are three months into lockdown.  One thing I know is that the ‘beforetimes’ will never return.  The ‘aftertimes’ are still a long way off.  So, that leaves me with the COVID times.

Like many of you, I have checked off the ‘stay at home’ activities:

  • Clean out closets and drawers
  • Grace and Frankie and the Crown on Netflix
  • Make some progress on my stack of e-books
  • Zoom with friends (coffee, tea, hard cider, and wine)
  • Zoom yoga
  • Zoom doctor’s visits
  • Minor household repairs noted, but not necessarily done
  • Cut my husband’s hair
  • Press on nails
  • Color my hair

I’ve also discovered and rediscovered:

  • Walking in my neighborhood
  • How beautiful the rhodies are this year – see today’s blog header
  • Daily meditation
  • Reconnecting with cherished friends, even remotely
  • Weekly outings to new, nearby locales (while physical distancing)
  • More thoughtful reading (see suggestions below)
  • Blogging
  • Fashionable masks
  • 1940’s film noir on Turner Classic Movies
  • Acorn TV, aka my COVID channel (see favorite Acorn programming below)
  • How lucky I am to have the husband I do!

Pandemic reading List:

Acorn Programs:

While I have enjoyed discovering and rediscovering during these COVID times, I’m still looking forward to the ‘aftertimes’…



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