Living as I go along

Travel plans?

This summer we planned on attending our grandson’s graduation, going to Montana to see friends and family in June, returning to Wells Gray Provincial Park in eastern British Columbia in August (highly recommended) and then heading to Europe in the fall for some time in Italy capped off with a stop in London. 

Not bloody likely! 

I think this has been one of the hardest aspects of the pandemic to ‘get my head around’.  I really enjoy travel and always look forward to a new adventure.

Now what?

We have been toying with some travel ideas, but none seem to quite fit the bill.  If we go to Montana, what would that experience be like?  And can we be sure we aren’t bringing COVID 19 with us?  Cases continue to be on the rise in WA. We are both at higher risk so would want to be somewhere most people wear masks and practice social distancing.  I am not sure such a utopia exists!

This is one of those times I’m glad that I have ‘lived as I went along”.  That is one of my favorite quotes from my favorite aunt.  We have done a fair amount of traveling and I have the memories and photos as reminders. 

We visited CA’s central coast in January.  And in February, I had a wonderful time reconnecting with girlfriends in Maui (see the sunset in the heading).  We also make a point of taking a local outing each week to explore a new area close by.  Our next trip will be to Potlatch for clams, weather and tide permitting.

We are still pondering what travel might look like for us in the months ahead.  And I am still struggling with being content smelling the newly blooming roses in my zip code.


P.S. No blog tomorrow because I am getting my haircut!


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