16 weeks later!

This may not be important in the scheme of things, but it is to me. I got my first haircut yesterday in 16 weeks!

First a disclaimer, I have no financial relationship with Gene Juarez (GJ) other than I pay for my haircuts.

It was good to be back.  I am a long-standing GJ customer and received regular updates from them during the Stay Home Stay Healthy times. 

I was impressed with how carefully they prepared for reopening.  They now have an app (doesn’t everyone) and I used it to make my appointment, complete a health check, check in and pay.  No cards or cash changed hands.

I washed my hair at home.  I then drove to GJ and waited in the parking lot until my allotted time.  I went in, masked, and placed my personal items in a disposable bag.  Masks are required for all staff and guests. Amanda, my stylist, escorted me to her station for my cut.  She was masked and wearing a ‘robe’, as were all the staff. She proceeded to cut my hair in her usual efficient manner. They aren’t blowing dry hair at this point because they don’t want things ‘flying around’.

I learned that GJ paid both the employer and employee benefits while the salon was closed.  Prior to opening the staff were required to participate in two training programs to improve sanitation.  The company consulted with an infectious disease doc to make sure all their protocols were up to snuff.

And to make it even better, I also learned that the company would match any of the donations employees make to Black Lives Matter-related organizations.

As someone who is high risk, I felt safe going there.  And boy, did I need a haircut!


I forgot to list this fantastic show in my COVID finds.  It is now on Netflix. I love it and loved to see this amazing virtual ‘sing out’ the cast did for teachers.  Definitely worth a watch – it brought a tear or two to my eyes.


On Fridays, I am going to post the current case counts for King County (Seattle).  Starting next week, I will compare the numbers to the week before.  Overall, it looks like cases are plateauing in the Puget Sound, but it is a bit too early to detect any impact from the protesters.

June 7, 2020

  • Cases: 8371 (up 25 from the day before)
  • Hospitalizations: 1512 (up 7 from the day before)
  • Deaths: 571 (up by 1 from the day before)


Rain is in the forecast yet again.  I am starting a new book, Red at the Bone (thanks, MC).  We are also obsessed with Line of Duty on Acorn and will devote some serious time to that.

See you on Monday.


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