E vs. I

‘As a retired introvert the leap to “quarantined” retired introvert was not a big one’


There has been some talk about the new era we are shifting into – here’s hoping we have reached the tipping point!  

One thing I am fairly sure of is that there will be a shift toward more of an introverted world and away from the extroverted world we have known so long. That shift was emerging in the ‘beforetimes’, but I think it will be even stronger in the ‘aftertimes’.

I have several introverted friends.  To a certain extent, I think they are faring better during these times of social distancing, change and reflection. And I think they have the unique skills to navigate these uncharted waters. I know they miss human connections, but maybe not quite to the extent or frequency extroverts do.

I am a big fan of Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).  I have used it to better understand myself and those around me (at home and at work).  I am an ENTP (extrovert, intuitive, thinking, perceiver).  There is a ton of information about MBTI and each type on the web.  Pretty much every site is spot on when it comes to my personality type.

As an extrovert, social distancing is tough for me. I really miss my in person social life.  I am grateful for Zoom, but I hope it isn’t my only means of connecting for the foreseeable future. I need to find other ways to connect,

According to this article, as an ENTP, I need to chase a passion’ during these times of profound change.

ENTPs have a tendency to start tons of projects, but never finish them, and get into funks when their lives become routine. Uncertainty appeals to you as a new flavor, because anything can happen. You can be flexible with your time, and actually sink your teeth into a project that might turn into a new passion or entrepreneurial pursuit. Focusing on projects can definitely help keep your mind off any lingering existential stress, as well.

I’m not a gardener, cook, crafter, or home decorator……..so, maybe blogging is the passion I need to chase??  And maybe this extrovert also needs to learn more from my introverted friends about listening, observing, preparing, and self-knowledge to be ready for what comes next.


More on masks, science, and the coronavirus:

According to this article in the Washington Post, research supports wearing masks!


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