Summer fashion?

This blog is intended to be about culture, travel and fashion.  I am currently batting 1 out of 3 since there isn’t much travel going on or much of a need for new fashion.

Today I am going to take a run at fashion in this era of ‘stay at home; stay comfortable’ COVID times.

Here’s an article from the Washington Post about how the pandemic is changing fashion trends.

  • False eyelashes are in and lipstick is out (due to masks)
  • Skin care is in and makeup is out
  • Comfortable shoes/slippers are in and high heels are out
  • Good value basics and casual wear are in

I have been following a blog,  I love Susan, the blogger.  MC calls her my ‘imaginary friend’.  When I see a post from her in my email, that is the first thing I open.  She loves to travel; loves France and I love her fashion sense. 

Susan had her colors done (in London, no less) and that prompted me to have a color analysis.  Like many of you, I had my colors done back in the early 80’s and was an ‘autumn’.  And I still am with some minor modifications.  I had drifted away from my autumn palette to black, black and more black (the most popular color in the NW).

During the lockdown, I did my obligatory closet clean out and really used my palette to sort what stays and what goes.  Thank heavens Goodwill is open for donations! I also arranged my closets with the hangars facing toward me so I could see what I really wear by the time summer ends.  I am not sure this summer will be a good test, but it is a start. Another blogger I follow posted a spring capsule wardrobe, even in quarantine.

From the ‘beforetimes’, here is an excerpt from an Italian travel ‘blog’ I did 1 ½ years ago. It was summer while we were there so my report is about what I saw on the streets of the Italian Riviera:

  • Lots of linen – in neutrals and in brighter colors
  • Very little black
  • Shorts on women of all ages
  • Lightweight ankle pants
  • Skinny jeans
  • Sport shoes (Nikes, New Balance, Adidas), sport sandals (not Tevas, Chacos, or Keens, but sleeker and more fashionable), Birkenstocks, Pons sandals from Spain (loved them, but they didn’t fit me)
  • Primarily over the shoulder totes, some backpacks and a few cross-body bags, some handbags with a handle on top and a cross body strap; men used waist bags
  • As soon as the temp dropped below 75, scarves (Italians run cold)
  • Little grey hair – mostly dyed blonde

Missing Italy, Ciao,


Note: I have no financial relationship with any of the links I post.


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