As Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are now in our rear view mirror, my thoughts turn to…..PETS! It is ‘pet-mom’ or ‘pet-dad’ day for them every day!

Our dog, Yulie is pictured above on the right in her much younger years.  She is a Lhasa Apso/terrier/mutt that we rescued from the Tacoma Humane Society in July 2009.  She was about 3 years old and had been a ‘teen mom’.  She is now 14 or so. 

She has had a series of GI problems for about a year and suffers from separation anxiety.  She is almost completely deaf (or has selective hearing) and cataracts.  She strongly dislikes 99% of the dogs that come her way! And she is the only dog we ever had who hates to take walks.

Yulie is on a special diet, prepared by her ‘dog dad’.  It consists of organic ground turkey, green beans and white rice.  She also has a probiotic sprinkled on her dinner not to mention daily doses of Proin and thyroxine. Unfortunately, ground turkey will always remind me of dog food.

With all of this, our Yulie is thriving in Covid time!  It has given her a new lease on life. 

She loves us being home, taking outings with us in the car and napping in my home office when I am ZOOMING.  And, most importantly, being fed at precisely 4:30 PM every day with nary a GI problem in sight. And there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for one dried blueberry from TJ’s!

Before the pandemic, we had been awfully close to this being the ‘end time’ for her.  Now I hope we have a lot more dog days left.


Here today: Yulie, Herbie, Lilac, Choteau, Snowy, Kyra, Beau, Gunther, Chance, Bella, Gracie, Hamilton, Charlie, Pearl, Abby and many more

Always in our hearts: Margie (above on the left), Tommy, Holly, Spike, Lulu, Skippy, Moose, Liz, Gigi, Sam, Thor, Zipper, Snoopy, Jasper, Finnegan, Buddy and so many more



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