Mask Up!

COVID is on the rise again in WA and our governor has mandated face coverings statewide as of today.

I know there are some who disagree with that position.

As  nurse with a long career in public health, I am firmly on ‘Team Mask’ and here’s why:

  • The science increasingly supports the effectiveness of face coverings
  • You can’t count on COVID 19 giving you a pass.  It is infecting younger people (the largest percentage of cases in WA are now 20-39).  Some of them are ending up in the hospital with life threatening conditions (12% of our hospitalized cases are 20-39) and some are dying
  • Face coverings are easy to make and now easy to find. My thanks to KJ and JG for making me masks
    • Target has a rack of them in their stores
    • There are super cute ones available to order. These are some of my favorites: Mixed up clothing, Liberty of London (pricy, but very stylish!) and Athleta.
    • Disposable masks are now available online or in drug stores
  • You need to wear them inside with other people or outside when physical distancing isn’t possible, not 24/7.
  • Masks show that you care about the well being of others

I know the messages regarding masks were mixed at the beginning of the pandemic.  Scientists weren’t sure if face coverings would be effective for the general public and wanted to target the limited supply of N-95 and surgical masks for healthcare workers. This is still a very new virus and new science emerges almost daily. 

Now we know that masks work!  Wear them to protect yourself and others.

COVID 19 stats for King County (Seattle) (6/25/20)

  • Positive tests: 9612 (up 525 since last week)
  • Hospitalizations: 1561 (up 24 since last week)
  • Deaths: 585 (3 since last week)

Physical distance, mask up and wash your hands before putting on your face covering and after taking it off.

Have a good weekend.



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