Oh, Canada Part Une

Or maybe I should say, Oh, Vancouver.

The Canadian/U.S. border was closed to non-essential travel on March 21st.  That closure has been extended to July 21st and will likely be extended even longer.  The Canadian provincial premiers don’t want it opened because of the increasing number of COVID 19 cases in the US.  Who can blame them since Canada has had just over 100,000 cases to our 2.4 million!

On our list of most missed places is Vancouver.  It is our favorite destination for a short trip.  We try and go at least twice a year, once in December and once in the spring.  December 2019 feels like a long time ago!

It is a quick trip up there for us, depending on border traffic.  It usually takes about three hours.  When we were working, it was a weekend destination.  Now we have/had the pleasure of weekday visits.

The view above was taken from our hotel room and is of a cruise ship at the nearby terminal.

We love our Canadian travel rituals. 

We get an early start and hope to arrive in Vancouver by around noon.  Our first stop is the ATM for some Canadian currency and then to a great sushi spot for lunch.  It is across the street from the Hudson Bay Company so a stop there is in order.

But our favorite shopping destinations are London Drug and Shoppers Drug Mart.  Canadian drugstores can’t be beat!  That is where we spend most of our money.

I also stop at the Murchies tea near our hotel to load up on tea.  I love their Canadian breakfast tea with a hint of maple. My husband goes to the BC liquor store to pick me up some BC Pinot Blanc as a treat.

Day 2 will find us at Granville Island.  I think their market easily tops Pike Place!  We have breakfast there and do some shopping.  There are usually some great artisans to check out.

I also try and do an Indigo bookstore run to pick up some Can Lit.  There is now one on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver.

Lunch is at Dinesty for steamed dumplings and dinner is usually at CinCin – a great Italian spot recommended by KP.

We are always sad to head home on Day 3. We have Global Entry so our border crossing back into the U.S. is a breeze.

More on Canada tomorrow, Allene

Note, I have no financial relationships with any of the links in the post, except as a consumer


One thought on “Oh, Canada Part Une

  1. Thanks for allowing me to relive a visit to Vancouver through your post. We miss Whistler too. What a beautiful country.


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