Oh, Canada Part Deux

This blog is in honor of Canada Day on July 1st.

Last summer we read about Wells Gray Provincial Park in the Seattle Times and were intrigued.

Just before Labor Day, we decided to explore it and left that experience totally hooked.  The park is located in Clearwater, which is in central B.C.  It is a bit of a haul up there and takes almost 7 hours from Tacoma. 

We left from Seattle around noon and spent the night in Hope, BC. Hope is known for being the site where Rambo First Blood was filmed in 1982 (85% on Rotten Tomatoes).  We ate at the Home restaurant – motto ‘plain good, just the way you like it’.  They are known for their variety of schnitzels.

After leaving Hope, we drove through Kamloops (Sun Peaks ski resort) and north to Clearwater.

Wells Gray Provincial Park is known for it’s amazing waterfalls, 41 to be exact. Helmcken Falls is the 4th largest waterfall in Canada.  If you have a minute, do check out the link to the park and the waterfall pictures.  They are phenomenal.  I have included a collage from the trip in today’s blog heading.  Most waterfalls are a relatively easy hike off the main park road.

The lodging is a bit of a mixed bag.  There is one lovely lodge, the Clearwater Lodge.  But it is usually sold out as people make reservations there a year in advance.  We stayed at the Wells Gray Inn, which was a bit dodgy but served our purpose.

On the dining front, the Gateway Grill at the Clearwater Lodge was incredibly good.  We ate there both nights.  And for a quick breakfast or coffee, there is always the Canadian standby, Tim Hortons.

It wasn’t very crowded because we were at the end of the summer tourist season. Most of our fellow travelers were Europeans.  We met several interesting and well-dressed people from all over Europe. 

We had planned to return this August to explore the area further.  There are still several waterfalls to be seen!

But with the border closed, it is adieu for now, Allene


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