I miss REAL magazines!

Thanks to my mom, I grew up with Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, McCalls, etc. 

One of my favorite memories is early August of each year, waiting for the huge September issue of Seventeen magazine to land.  My friends (NS, JCM, and CLZ) and I would study each page carefully for the looks that we wanted to capture for the upcoming school year.  Pages were turned down and gone back to again and again.  I would love to get my hands on one of the old Seventeens from the late 60’s!

My love of magazines continued in college.  I outgrew Seventeen and I discovered Cosmopolitan. I read it cover to cover each month. 

When I got married, my mother gifted me with my own subscription to Good Housekeeping.  I did the same for my daughter. 

I also enjoyed the fashion and lifestyle magazines, such as Vogue, In Style, Real Simple, etc., just not quite as much. 

I got excited about magazines again when Oprah came out with a magazine 20 years ago.  I immediately got a subscription and was quite irritated when it showed up in the stores before it came in the mail.

My other foray has been into Canadian and British magazines.  I like Chatelaine and Canadian Living and subscribe to both. I also have a digital subscription to Woman and Home from the U.K. It is by far the best magazine out there today.

Over the years, print magazines have all but disappeared.  I think one of the few that is still around from my childhood is Good Housekeeping.  It is a shadow of its former self.  The Oprah magazine is also a pale imitation of its early years.  The current issue covers two months and topped out at 100 pages. 

I get why the changes have happened.  We are in the digital age and that is how people get their information. I do digital – most of my current magazine subscriptions are digital, except for Oprah.

But for me, nothing beats a leisurely stroll through a magazine and turning down pages for a second look later.



3 thoughts on “I miss REAL magazines!

  1. Oh, yes, that amazing Sept issue of Seventeen magazine; I read them all cover to cover. At that time I wanted to work in advertising (or be a “stewardess”!). Then I loved Glamour magazine, and Ms. and then Oprah for sure until it all seemed the same month after month, except for the book section, which I love to see, and now The New Yorker and Vanity Fair – real magazines. And Yes! magazine as well – all about good social change projects. I’m not a big fan of digital mags…though I haven’t even tried. Thanks again, Allene, for sharing your wonderful life and resources with us! xo


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