I’m ready for a visit!

I read this blog and it was an aha for me. 

CLZ’s mom and my mom frequently visited when we were both growing up in Montana.  We lived in the same neighborhood and they would take turns dropping by for coffee and a visit.  I think they used to call first, but I am not 100% sure on that point.  Nobody made a big fuss; it just happened. My Montana friends still visit with each other.

Until the pandemic, visiting here had gone by the wayside.  When I met up with friends, it was usually outside the home for lunch, happy hour, or dinner.  We haven’t had people (other than family) over for dinner in decades.  It is too much work to clean, cook, clean-up, etc.  And like the blog author, I can’t really get too excited about potlucks.

The pandemic has changed how we gather.  I now have weekly Zoom cocktails with my Montana friends.  We each have our own beverage and snack, if needed.  Nobody must clean their house before logging on or worry about driving or what we are wearing.  We just focus on connecting and really savor that time. I also have a monthly tea Zoom with my friend, JLQ, again no travel needed.

As the pandemic processes and things open (kind of a long shot with the COVID 19 cases exploding), I want to keep the visiting concept alive. 

Let’s keep visiting by taking walks, hanging out on our front porches, back decks, or parks. Or, when all else fails, we can always Zoom!

Hope to see you for a visit soon– masked and six feet apart, of course!



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