Afternoon(s) with Hamilton

OMG…………………………………………I’m Helpless!  And if you don’t check out the link, you are missing a treat (thanks NS)!

I watched Hamilton on Disney+ Friday afternoon.  It was the perfect lead into this unique July 4th.

As virtually everyone agrees, it is fabulous, timely and timeless.  It was first performed on Broadway January 2015.

There are tons of reviews out there, but my favorite one in from Roger  And I agree that Leslie Odom, Jr. as Aaron Burr is a show stealer, but my heart belongs to LMM (Lin Manual Miranda)!

My husband hasn’t caught Hamilton fever yet, but I know it is just a matter of time.  He now would love to see the play in London, of course.  That is a long shot on so many fronts.

Because he hasn’t yet caught the bug, I downloaded Disney+ on my Fire.  I can really get up close and personal that way.

I have a distinct feeling that one viewing will just not be enough.  I have Disney+ for a month and I intend to spend many afternoons with LMM.

And, as of Tuesday, masks are required for goods and services in WA, so mask up!



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