I am older, not extinct

I love this quote from Alan Alda, ‘Trust in Science, Keep the Faith and Laugh More’. I also love that he is 84, Zooming regularly and provides ‘Celebrity Tech Support’ to friends. There is much to admire in this guy and he is far from an irrelevant senior. Here is a link to a recent article about him in AARP.

I also loved this blog post about the value of life at any age. She lives in a 55+ community and is busy making face masks with her neighbors.

My ‘senior’ friends are all amazing.  All of us are Zooming. Some are working fulltime or part time.  Many are busy helping out with their grandchildren so their children can keep working. Others are volunteering or supporting family and friends in need.  I consider them all vibrant contributing members of their families and communities.  This crisis has brought out the best in them and my friends are not ‘problems to be solved’. They stay current on COVID 19 science and are the first to step up to the plate by wearing masks and physical distancing – to protect others!

And a shout out to the University of Washington for giving me the opportunity to use my knowledge of public health and relationships as the moderator for the monthly Hot Topics in Practice webinars. I love keeping up on issues and using my long experience in public health to support this important training.

I think that COVID 19 continues to exacerbate the perception that older people have less value.  As older people, I do think we have a responsibility to stay current and involved. As Alan Alda says, ‘I’m still alive. If that changes, I’ll let you know’.

Mask up, physical distance, and keep your sense of humor!



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