The Dog Days of 2020

When I was working during a particularly challenging time or undergoing cancer treatment, I would think in terms of dog days.  Every day felt equivalent to 7 days and every week equivalent to 7 weeks.  That is how the months since the pandemic have been feeling to me. The first few months of 2020 feel like a different lifetime!

This article in the New York Times summed it up this strange feeling for me. It is hard to even remember events like the Iran drone strike, the impeachment trial, the Democratic primary, Harry and Meghan, and Kobe Bryant’s death.

My own early 2020 activities are also a vague memory:

  • Etta’s for brunch and a stroll through the Pike Place Market (last time on Feb. 9th)
  • Movies at the Grand Cinema – last movie we saw was Corpus Christi (March 10t)
  • Breakfast and lunch out – last was to Anthony’s (March 15)
  • Visits to Oregon to see our grandchildren (last time February 7th)
  • Lunch with friends (last time February 13th)
  • Pedicures (February 18th)
  • Haircuts without a mask (February 19th)
  • Manicures (March 7th)
  • Day hikes at Point Defiance Park (last hike March 19th)
  • Long weekends away (CA in January)
  • Last trip (Hawaii in February)
  • Happy hour with friends (February 15th)

I took all these activities for granted. I know I didn’t fully appreciate how special they were and how privileged I was to be able to do them without fear for my safety and the safety of others!

COVID 19 Data for King County (as of July 9, 2020)

  • Positive tests: 11, 486 (up 1,130 since last week)
  • Hospitalizations: 1662 (up 62 since last week)
  • Deaths: 602 (13 since last week)

Mask up, physical distance, and wash your hands,

Until Monday,



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