Last week I described a ‘day in our life’ while visiting the Ligurian region of Italy.  Today I am going to take a deeper dive into the food and wine we enjoy on our travels.

First the Ligurian food:

I love a fresh brioche marmalata, which is a warm croissant filled with apricot jam. It tastes even more wonderful with a cappuccino or latte macchiato. This makes an excellent mid-morning treat after a walk along the seashore.

Lunch varies quite a bit and is often our main meal of the day.

The Frutti di mare pasta is fantastic with fresh seafood.  We also enjoy fresh anchovies lightly dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. And warm octopus salad with potatoes (polpo e patate) is a favorite treat.  We like to sample it at a variety of restaurants because each version is a bit different.

This area is famous for trofie al pesto and virtually anything with fresh pesto is bound to be good.

This isn’t Naples, so pizza isn’t as ubiquitous here. But there are some great spots for pizza and that make a good lunch.  There is a little pizza spot right across from COOP (pronounced COP) where we do most of our grocery shopping.

I don’t love Italian bread, but focaccia from this area is exceptional. Recco is famous for focaccia al formaggio, which is served warm and is thin layers of focaccia filled with a salty white cheese.  A little goes a long way, but it is very tasty! And like in all of Italy, any cheese you try is excellent.

This part of Italy has some wonderful pastries but my favorite treat is always a pistachio gelato.

I keep dinner pretty simple after a big lunch.  I like to make a salad in our apartment with greens, fresh tomatoes, corn kernels, shredded carrots, tuna (usually in a jar), olive oil and vinegar.  It goes well with any fresh focaccia we manage to find during the day.  I also often make insalata caprese.  The tomatoes are always wonderful and buffalo mozzarella is easy to find.

Now the wine:

I really like wine!  And I find I tolerate Italian wines without any real aftereffects.  Since we tend to visit in warm weather, I go for whites.

The light, white Vermentino wine from Cinque Terre is very good and affordable.  I can find it almost anywhere and an excellent bottle runs about $6.  I also enjoy Pigato, another white wine that goes well with seafood.  My all time favorite here and in Italy in Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio.  It is pricy here (over $20), but well under $10 in Italy.  I always like to treat myself to it while I am there.

When all else fails, Italian prosecco goes with everything!

Buon Appetito,



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