$$$$ T-shirts make me mad

My favorite blogger, Susan, posted this on Saturday.  On Friday, she posted about a cool and very unique top she had found.  I didn’t follow the link, but apparently it was pretty pricey.  Her followers ‘reacted’ to the price.

Her point is that it is better to have fewer things of higher quality.  And preferably produced in a more sustainable fashion.  I tend to agree with her but have never been able to quite follow that path.

According to this article, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, second only to the oil industry.  That fact is important to me and makes me want to think ‘sustainable’ when buying clothing.

I have two challenges:

The first challenge is that I always think I am going to lose weight so I don’t want to invest a lot of money in each piece of clothing.  That topic is for a future blog.

The second challenge and today’s topic is quality, particularly t-shirt quality.  I live in t-shirts. I might consider spending $70 on a t-shirt, if it doesn’t bag out, washes well, and stays ‘nice’ for more than one season.  I have yet to find a pricier tee that meets that criteria. My favorite t-shirts are from Target.  They absolutely could be classified as ‘fast fashion’. They cost $9 each and I am on my second summer with them.  They don’t bag out, fit well and wash well. Of course, this year’s version has changed so I am treating last year’s tees with kid gloves. 

I want to take a page out of Sweden’s culture of Lagom – not too much and not too little. Swedish people buy inexpensive Billy bookcases from Ikea, take good care of them and hand them down to their kids!  I don’t think my daughter will want my Target t-shirts, but if I take good care of them, maybe I can wear them again next summer.

On another note, I will be doing some traveling this week (to other mask mandated areas) and may not be blogging regularly. 

Mask up, physical distance and stay safe,



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