Montana Recap

I returned from my solo Montana adventure on Saturday.  It is a 7+ hour drive, so not to be taken lightly. There are three mountain passes to cross (Snoqualmie, 4th of July and Lookout).

The drive, even though scenic in parts, made me really miss the short plane ride between Seattle and Missoula.  But that doesn’t feel like a safe way to journey for me right now. Despite the long drive, I needed a break from the never-ending pandemic!  I also noticed a number of license plates from WA and OR while I was in Montana, so I wasn’t the only one needing a change of scenery.

Thanks to a recent order, Missoulians were consistently wearing masks indoors and outdoor dining options were plentiful. While I was there, face coverings became mandated in much of Montana.

The weather was perfect for outdoor living.

Here are a few Missoula highlights:

And the most perfect thing of all was spending time with my best mates (KJ, MB and NS)!  Thanks for taking this COVID break with me!



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