Montana Skin

I am of northern European ancestry and grew up in North Central Montana in the years before sunscreen.  When I was little, I played outside most of the time.  I had more sunburns than I can count!  If I wanted to go in the house, my mother would say, “what are you doing in here? Go back outside and play!”. I can’t totally blame my current sun damaged skin on my mother.  As a teen and young adult, I smeared myself with baby oil and ‘baked’ as soon as summer rolled around.

Need I say more about my skin today?  In addition to sun damage, I also have highly sensitive skin and rosacea. By some miracle, I don’t have skin cancer….yet. But I do have a full body screen every year.

I have tried several anti-aging products and my sensitive skin isn’t happy at all with any of them.  For my skin to improve, I would need new skin from head to toe.

I have more or less given up on improving things. I am now of the mindset that I want to use products that don’t irritate my skin or make it feel worse, aren’t fragranced, and feel good on. I look for products that aren’t super expensive.  I also try to use products that aren’t tested on animals. I use the Beautypedia site for their expert reviews. 

After much trial and error, I have landed using oils. I had oily skin growing up and never thought I would use oils like I do.

Here is my current skin care routine:

Every time I branch out, I end up regretting it.  And not using a product is throwing money away!  So I am trying to stick with my current regimen.  Some are still tested on animals (yuk).  Things are finally slowly changing in that regard; but not fast enough.


Note: I have no financial interest with any of these companies.  I just buy their products.


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