Fast forward 80 years

My husband and I are big fans of the 1940’s.  We are particularly interested in WW II and learned much of what we know by watching Foyle’s War (an excellent series).

I have found myself thinking about how much our behavior has changed over the last 80 years.

Our governor often compares COVID 19 to the London Blitz.  The Blitz started in September 1940 and ended in May 1941.  Over 43,000 were killed and another 139,000 were injured.

The Blitz went on for 8 months, but at the time nobody knew how long it was going to last.  On a daily basis, I imagine the Londoners didn’t know if bombs were going to be dropped that night, what time they were going to fall, how long the bombing would last, and what the target was.

Do you think Londoners thought the Blitz was a hoax?  I imagine they got weary, but not necessarily bored.  Did they say, to @#$% with this, let’s go to the pub!  Who cares if bombs are falling!  We are invincible!

Or did they take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families?  Did they go to the air raid shelters when the alarms sounded or just hang out on the streets?

My parents are from that generation (photo above).  I have no doubt about how they would have behaved.

80 years later

Some people are bored with COVID 19.  They may not know anyone who has suffered.  The ‘stay home’ messaging has gotten old and stale.  Bars, beaches and hanging out with friends is more appealing.

Going to that bar, beach or any large gathering is going to result in new infections.  Kids need to get back to school. As the infection rate goes up in a community, sending kids and teachers back to in person learning is a risky proposition.

I too have grown weary of COVID 19, but we are still in the Blitz v. 2020.  COVID bombs continue to fall and there is no end in sight.

So, what can we do?

Our current COVID vaccine has three components: face coverings, hand washing, and physical distancing.  These three components keep us and others safer. So let’s #wearthedamnmask!

COVID 19 data for King County (as of August 5th):

  • New infections: up by 1,067 this week (now 15,946)
  • Hospitalizations: up by 57 this week (now 1,992)
  • Deaths: 13 more this week (now 647)

Have a good weekend and keep protecting yourself and others against COVID,


P.S. I was in Seattle a bit this week.  People are wearing masks outside when they are out and about.


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