Hint of Fall

While the days are still toasty, I can feel fall in the air in the early morning and evening.  The light also seems to change this time of year.  That tells me that September isn’t far away and my beloved season, fall, is getting close.

There are so many things I love about fall!  As August draws to a close, we all know that fall 2020 will be like nothing we have ever experienced.  So I started thinking about the things I will still love about fall this year and what needs to be put on back burner until fall 2021.

Fall 2020

  • New fall shoes
  • Hikes in Point Defiance and on other trails nearby
  • Enjoying the fall colors in our dahlias and around the neighborhood
  • Day trips in WA
  • Watching the Seahawks on TV (I think this is iffy)
  • My fall uniform of jeans/tops/vests or cardigans
  • Getting a flu shot
  • New shows on PBS, Netflix, and Acorn tv- the Sounds lands in mid-September
  • Reading
  • Meeting friends outdoors, weather permitting
  • ZOOM cocktails
  • Our wedding anniversary

Fall 2021 (fingers crossed)

All the above, plus:

  • Trips to Seattle to enjoy the Market (see pic above)
  • Husky games on Saturdays
  • College football on Saturdays (Go Cats!)
  • Seeing kids going to school in their new clothes and fresh school supplies
  • Trips to Oregon to see our daughters, grandkids
  • Train trips to Portland
  • Travel to MT, Canada, and ???????
  • Movies at the Grand Cinema in Tacoma (I’m worried about this one making i!)
  • Meeting friends indoors for coffee, lunch, cider, cocktails, and happy hour
  • COVID 19 immunization
  • Not wearing a mask!

King County COVID 19 data (as of 8/19/20)

  • New positive tests this week: 1,151 (total 18,130)
  • New hospitalizations this week: 62 (total 2,130)
  • Deaths this week: 17 (total 697)

 Unfortunately, COVID 19 isn’t going anywhere, so mask up, physical distance, wash your hands…..and look for signs of fall. Allene


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