Michelle Obama Strikes Again

She gave a great speech at the DNC, but that isn’t today’s topic. 

There have been periods throughout this quarantine where I just have felt too low.” Michelle Obama

She spoke for so many of us when she opened up about her emotions during this ‘coronacoaster’ we have all been on. It isn’t just COVID 19 or racial unrest or a toxic political environment, it is all three plus more, like the CA wildfires!

I have felt somewhat guilty for feeling anxious and depressed at times.  There are so many people who have it far worse.  They have lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost their health care, etc. Because so many have it so much worse, I have been reluctant to even acknowledge my negative feelings.

But thanks to Michelle’s openness and candor, all bets are now off! 

This has been and will continue to be a tough time.  I miss seeing my family and friends, travel and doing the simple things that I love. I also worry about my health. I think one of the most challenging things is the not knowing.  By that I mean, how long will all this go on?

According to CDC, 40% of adults reported struggling with mental health or substance abuse as of late June.  The percentage is probably higher now.  My friend’s daughter is a behavioral health counselor and is doing a land office business.

I know there are lots of things people can do to cope.  According to this article, Michelle is focusing on physical activity, healthy nutrition and her family. CDC also has some tips.

I think the first step is to not feel guilty about feeling bad and to feel those feelings. Everyone is having a tough time, some more than others. It is OK to be disappointed and depressed right now and not feel the need to compare situations. 



2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Strikes Again

  1. I’m so with you Allene. For me, it is an underlying feeling hard to shake. I do feel guilty we are in much less pain than many of our fellow Americans. Sending love your way.


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