Sunday Lunch

During our Italian travels, we have often observed ‘Sunday lunch’.  In Italy, the main meal on Sunday is in the early afternoon and it is common to see multi-generational families gathered for the meal. Sunday lunch/dinner usually gets underway around 1 PM.  And the meal takes the time it takes.  No one is in a rush to leave and the conversation flows freely. While in Italy, we have been invited to Sunday lunches many times by our friends. It is a relaxing main meal with great food, wine, and lots of conversation.

‘Sunday lunch in Italy is a huge cultural tradition.  Far more than a meal, it is a socializing ceremony embraced by families, both nuclear and extended, couples of all ages, and groups of friends.’

Martha Bates

Here is a link to more information about this centuries old Italian tradition. This cookbook, Whatever Happened to Sunday Dinner, has a year’s worth of Italian Sunday dinner menus and gets some pretty good reviews.

While visiting Italy, my husband and I have observed these gatherings with some degree of envy.  We have never lived near our parents.  And we don’t live near our daughters or their children. So a gathering of any kind, much less lunch on Sunday, isn’t something we have managed to routinely practice here in the U.S.

That changed when our daughter invited us to join her family for a picnic on Sunday.  With COVID 19 it is important to gather outdoors.

While, it wasn’t quite Sunday lunch Italian style, it was a treat for us!

We met at a park halfway between our locations and feasted on KFC, fruit and cupcakes.  I don’t believe these would be commonly served in Italy, but it did the trick. There were 8 of us, representing three generations.  The conversations flowed around a variety of topics and mobile devices didn’t take center stage.  And we lingered, visited and generally got caught up. Except for the fried chicken, it could have been a Sunday in Italy!

Missing our Italian travels and thanking our daughter for the Sunday lunch invite,



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