‘Adult Children’

The coronavirus pandemic was declared six months ago today.

When I chat with my friends, we frequently talk about how our children are faring during the COVID times.  Our ‘children’ range from 29 – 45, millennial through Gen X. On a side note, I do think it is funny that we still call these adults, children.

I have done a fair number of posts about the boomer perspective on this pandemic.  I thought it would be interesting to reflect on COVID 19 using a different lens.  I found this article about how different generations are responding. I asked one of my millennial friends to read it and she thought it was pretty on point.

I do think that millennial, Gen X, boomers, etc. can be a misleading label.  These groups are far from homogeneous, but it provides a framework. 

Catching COVID 19 AND an adverse outcome seems to be the primary worry for boomers.  Looking at our kids, while they are also worried about the short and long term effects of the virus, I think the impacts of a pandemic on their work and on their children are more front and center in their daily lives. 

Gen X (1965-1979):

I think our Gen X children are most concerned about their own kids.  Many of them have school age kids who are ‘learning from home’ for an indefinite period. I know they are also concerned about their changing work environment, but their kids’ education and well-being are the more pressing concern. 

Xennial (1975-1985).

Xennial was a new term to me.  If you have kids in this age group, the article is worth a read. Our daughter and my friend’s son are in this group. I think these children are worried about the impact of the pandemic on their careers, the changes in their workplace and their kids’ education.

Millennials (1980-1994)

Millennials seem to have a lot on their plate.  They are worried about their jobs and may not have employment stability yet. What if they must move home! Those with children are also worried about how to work and take care of their kids’ education. And their children are probably still young, so that means that they need to figure out how to be there for their kids and still do their jobs.

As boomers, I think the best thing we can do for these kids is to take care of ourselves and our aging pets. Our kids already have a lot to worry about and they don’t need to add us to the mix!

As always, I am ending my week with King County COVID 19 data for the past 2 weeks (as of 9/7/20):

  • Positive tests – 1373 (2.1% positive of those tested)
  • Hospitalization – 40
  • Deaths – 17

It is time to be thinking about getting your flu vaccine. If you are 65+, ask for Fluzone High-Dose Seasonal Influenza Vaccine. I am heading out to get mine today.

Stay safe, mask up, get a flu shot and take care of yourself so our kids have one less thing to worry about!



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