Is it the Apocalypse?

This has been a very tough weekend on the West Coast!  The climate fires are raging with help from people’s negligent behavior.

The air is hazardous to breathe and visibility is non-existent – see my photo above taken mid-morning on Sunday.  I feel for those who have lost everything and for the firefighters doing their best against overwhelming odds.

Our governor accurately calls these climate fires, not wildfires. I am going with that description.

Going outside is a surreal experience.  We get air inversions here and fog at times, but this feels other worldly. 

I have been holding it together through the six months of the pandemic, systemic racism, and a highly toxic political environment.  But I lost it when the climate fires were added to the mix.  It has made me wonder if the end is near! And it has made me very concerned about our children and grandchildren who will inherit this mess. 

I don’t know how many of you get Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper.  She has been on hiatus for much of August and just published a new edition today. 

It was the antidote that I needed. Everything about her message resonated with me and reading it relieved some of my own pent up emotions. Yay, Maria!

I find it pretty easy to feel overwhelmed with all of this. What can one person do to stay somewhat centered and to not contribute to the problem?  Here are a few very small things that I am contemplating:

  • Completing and mailing my ballot as soon as it arrives
  • Not contributing to climate change by, drum roll, not buying any clothes for the next six months.  I figure if Jane Fonda at 82 can decide to never buy clothes again, I can go for 6 months. I must admit her red coat is quite smashing so that is a good way to go out!
  • Finding time each day to reflect and to find ‘bright spots’ amid all the awfulness.
  • Staying in touch with those I hold dear!

On that note, have a good week and I’ll be back on Wednesday.



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