Sister Friends

A number of years ago, I came across an article saying that if you don’t have a sister, you will find one.  I can’t find the article, but it still rings true for me.

Like me, some of my long-term closest friends don’t have sisters.  Some of us are only children and others only have brothers.  I have always thought we were as close as sisters so let’s call ourselves sister friends! We treat each other like family and know each other’s family. In fact, we may well treat each other better since we aren’t related! I feel incredibly fortunate to have these women in my life and they have been my lifeline through the years. 

I did come across this article for us ‘sisterless’ people: Cultivating Sisterhood When You don’t Have a Sister.  I think it describes our state very well and had some good tips to find a sister and nourish that friendship.  My sister friends and I are good at keeping our friendship alive over the years.  It hasn’t always been easy when we were raising our families and working, but we prevailed.  And I am so glad we did!

My mom had two sisters. I am named after them. There was some tension with her older sister, but she adored her younger sister. I remember lots of long distance calls between my mom and her sisters and this was in the days when those calls were very expensive! My post picture is of the 3 of them in 1951, my mom is on the left.

I have other friends who have sisters.  I am forever grateful to MC’s sister for introducing her to Grayling Jewelry – what a find that has been for all of us!  I have another friend who is trying to entice her sister and niece to come for a visit, so they can be ‘accidently quarantined’ with her for a number of months.

I don’t want to leave guys out of this conversation.  My husband is close to his older sister (as am I) and cherishes their friendship.  He also regards my sister friends as his sisters.  A brother of one of my close friends needed a kidney and she donated hers.  I imagine he really cherishes his sister!

We have three daughters, who love each other but aren’t that close.  My hope is that they have found sister friends to fill the void.

“Sisterhood is like a security blanket. Some people start their lives with one, but some, like me, pick up squares of belonging and community and sew them into a quilt along the way.”

Emily Torres

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