Find the One You Can’t Live Without!

Today is our 42nd wedding anniversary! 

We have been reminiscing about how we spent our anniversary last year.  We went to Seattle for a Husky game and saw UW beat USC; had a martini at Oliver’s bar; spent the night at the Mayflower Park Hotel and had brunch at Etta’s.  All in all, it was perfection!

We have nothing similar planned this year (for obvious reasons), but we will spend the day together, enjoy each other’s company, and find things to laugh about, usually something to do with our dog. We may also have a ‘marestini‘ to celebrate.

I have been reflecting on our long marriage. 

We met May 11, 1978; got engaged September 26, 1978 and eloped on September 28, 1978.  It was a whirlwind and we both believe it was love at first sight. I was very lucky because he had two darling daughters. I am so proud to be their stepmom!

We grew up in the same hometown, on the same avenue, 4 blocks apart to the house number.  We didn’t know each other growing up.  I did go to high school with his brother and sister.  He went all through school with my first friend’s older sister.  He is older and our paths never crossed – that we know of.

In many ways, it feels like the last 42 years have flown by.  We have lived in four states and have changed our address at least 11 times.  Both of us have had stressful and demanding jobs along the way.  We raised our beautiful daughter and are so proud of the amazing and accomplished woman she has become.

Why has our marriage worked? 

That is a good question. We have very different personalities.  I am an extrovert and he is an introvert.  I am more of a ‘thinker’ and he is more of a ‘feeler’. 

But in addition to our upbringing, we do have a lot in common.  We see many things the same way and share our political beliefs.  We like to travel and be on the go. Fortunately, we both have a sense of humor and find lots to laugh about. But it is far more than that.

We were rolling along and then everything changed when I was diagnosed with cancer in April 2016.  I had a 50% chance of making it.  My husband had just retired and he was my rock throughout my treatment and recovery.  My daughter, friends, and work colleagues were wonderful when I was hospitalized for my chemo.  But he was the one who bore the brunt when I was home between treatments and when I was slowly recovering.  I truly believe I wouldn’t have made it without his love and support!

As an ENTP, I can be independent and a challenge. He has put up with a great deal over the years! I found this article about ENTP’s and love. ENTP’s need to ‘find the one you can’t live without’. ……

Mission accomplished!

Happy anniversary with love!



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