“They say in the end it’s a wink of an eye”

That is quote from the Pretender by Jackson Browne.  And that is how I am feeling as our daughter celebrates her 40th birthday!  It just doesn’t seem possible….

We are delighted to celebrate this special day with her, her husband and beloved ‘grand dog’, Herbie.  It has been a weekend of lovely weather, delicious food and wine and excellent company! Hood River is right on the Columbia River – talk about picturesque in beautiful fall weather!

There is a lot to look back on, starting the days she was born by C-Section.  My husband was in the delivery room and was the first one to see her and hold her.  My first view was a polaroid picture, as this was LONG before cell phone cameras!  She was healthy, beautiful and perfect and still is today.

We moved a couple of times during her childhood.  We started out in WA and moved to CA just before she turned 11.  I think she had a lot of trepidation about the move and, to add insult to injury, had just broken her ankle.  She had her first day at a new school supporting a purple walking cast.  That was an auspicious beginning. She went through middle school and high school in CA.  We had made our minds up that barring a job loss, we would stay put until she graduated.  We all loved our time on the Central Coast and I think she loves that area to this day.

She went to college at UW and we followed her to the Seattle area.  She made some lifelong friends at her sorority and they are still on her team today.  She went to graduate school at Willamette University and graduated with an MBA.  She fell in love with the Portland area and with her husband.  I think they are pretty well settled there for the time being.

Our daughter is a director at a small company and they, like many, are working to find a path forward in this new era.  Our daughter is compassionate and it must be a challenge to stay positive and to reassure her staff during these unpredictable times.  I am glad she had this weekend to get a bit of a breather from all the pressure.

She is successful and she has excellent social skills and that is how she presents herself to the world.  We are always proud to introduce her to people and she can hold her own in any environment.  But it is more than that. She is a genuine, loyal and caring person and is joy to us and to all who are fortunate enough to know her!

Happy birthday to the child of my heart. 



3 thoughts on ““They say in the end it’s a wink of an eye”

  1. Julie is one of the most competent, friendly and joyful people I have ever come across. Here’s to a wonderful daughter (can’t believe she’s 40!!). I wish her much fulfillment and success in her life, and congratulations to you and Rick for your progeny!


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