3 of Cups

I am ever so slightly into Tarot cards.  Every now and then a card strikes a chord.  The 3 of Cups does that for me.  If you go online, you will find a lot of interpretations for this card.  My favorite one is from Galaxy Tone Tarot cards:

Three of Cups means friendship, celebration, fun, ritual.  It is time to rejoice in your friendships and indicates that you have friends who truly care about and support you’.

The reason I like this interpretation is the ritual aspect. It speaks to me about how important and meaningful rituals with friends are.

Prior to COVID 19, I had a number of rituals with my friends.  We would schedule happy hours (Steilacoom, anyone?), try cider flights at Locust, meet for movies at the Grand, connect for a little shopping, have coffee in certain spots and meet for lunch.  At times, we would even hop on a flight to meet up.

One of my favorite rituals has been 1-2 times a year trips to Portland by train with 3 friends from work. We have a very specific itinerary and chose not to change it up much because it worked well for us! One of our rituals is to do a face mask and drink a glass before bedtime. Who knew that our 2019 definition of face masks would shift so dramatically in 2020!

Obviously, most of those exact rituals have gone away since March.  Our trip to Portland and flying have definitely gone by the wayside for now. But, I am happy to report that we have managed to modify many of our favorite activities, not all, but some. 

Instead of restaurants or bars, we meet in each other’s back yards for cider flights or lunch at a favorite park. We look for spots where we can enjoy our coffee outside. No luck on figuring out a movie plan (cue Netflix) and nobody is hopping on a flight, but we have hopped in the car for a 7 hour drive. But still, we are figuring out how to safely connect outdoors.  Living in the northwest, the outdoors is a limited field during the rainy season.  So we will need to continue to improvise. 

Enter ZOOM.  One of my favorite weekly rituals is having a glass with my Montana friends.  We are pretty faithful about our weekly schedule.  I am also zooming with my Steilacoom crew.  We decided to start a monthly check in and try out a new cocktail recipe each time.  On Monday we are each making a Apple Cinnamon Whiskey Smash to welcome fall. And instead of meeting for lunch, ZOOM tea is an option.

Now is my time to rejoice in these friendships and know that I have friends who truly care about me and each other!

See you on Friday,



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