Buck up Little Campers!

I think we have all read some version of the COVID 19 forecast for the next few months.  Anyway, you look at it, it isn’t good news!  There is a new surge or wave or whatever projected to coincide with the holidays, colder weather driving people indoors and flu season.  Talk about a trifecta!

All of this is happening as people are experiencing ‘pandemic fatigue’.  There doesn’t seem to be an appetite in this country for another lockdown.  Lockdown 1 was pretty hit and miss across the country to begin with, but that is a tale for another day.

Tom Friedan’s recent opinion in the Washington Post pretty well dashes the idea of herd immunity without a vaccine in the mix. He is the former director of CDC.  He says ‘the path to herd immunity would be lined with a half a million dead Americans’.  I have no interest in being one of those dead Americans and I don’t want others to be on that list either.

So what does Halloween through New Year’s look like for me?  In addition to mask wearing, physical distancing and handwashing, I am embracing a theme of ‘healthy hibernation’.  I plan on hibernating as much as possible for the rest of 2020. 

I plan on doing things like:

  • Daily walks in the neighborhood or hikes in the park rain or shine
  • Spending time with my husband and our dog
  • Continue to ZOOM with my chums
  • Seeing people outdoors and from a safe distance
  • Maintaining my yoga practice and adding strength training to the mix (long overdue)
  • Reading or re-reading Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot mysteries (there are 30 on the list and I have knocked off ONE so far)
  • Reading the stack of other books already on my Kindle
  • Knitting an afghan, using our old college pattern
  • Catching the latest 1940’s film noir on Turner Classic movies
  • Continuing my never ending decluttering. We have some upgrades we want to do on the house but will pass for now. I don’t feel comfortable with workers indoors.
  • Sticking to ONE glass of red wine

I think it is important that we all think about how we can continue to play by the rules and not let pandemic fatigue cloud our judgement.  Yes, it means we need to buck up, little campers!

King County COVID data as of 10/20/20:

  • Positive tests – 2038 (2.3% of those tested)
  • Hospitalizations – 63
  • Deaths – 12

Our governor just issued new restrictions for colleges and universities to require masks outside of sleeping rooms and limiting gatherings to 5 people. So not Pac 12 football watching parties.

So, please keep wearing your masks (even with people you think are safe), get a flu shot and VOTE!

See you on Monday


P.S.  I am now a 4-year cancer survivor and am considered cured!  Yippee!!!


2 thoughts on “Buck up Little Campers!

  1. Talking with friend Mary (103 years) we said the same. Just have to put aside somethings for a bit and do what we can. As she said, “ like we did during the War. Remember?” Of course I don’t. That was LONG before my time, But honored she thinks me friend enough to have shared the experience.


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