Market Memories

We visited the Pike Place Market in Seattle a few weeks ago. The sights, sounds, smells and ambiance has been pretty much unchanged over the years.

My dad introduced me to the Market.  He retired when I was 10. His oldest sister lived in Seattle and he loved to take the bus out to visit her after he retired.  One of his favorite haunts was the Market.  He used to treat himself to hot turkey sandwiches at Lowell’s Restaurant and Bar in the Market.  Lowell’s would roast a 20-pound turkey every day and carve it up for sandwiches. 

My first foray into the Market came when I visited Seattle for the 1962 World’s Fair.  I remember being treated to a giant peach that tasted nothing like the canned Del Monte peaches I was used to!

My husband fell in love with the Market in 1968 when he was recuperating from his Viet Nam war injury.  He was stationed at the naval hospital in Bremerton and would take the ferry over to explore the city. 

We have lived in the Seattle area off and on since 1980.  The Market has always been a fixture for us as a family.  We introduced our daughters at a young age.  Here are a few of their favorite memories:

  • The earrings shop (I have no idea what the name is)
  • The mini doughnut stand – shaking the doughnuts in a bag with  sugar and cinnamon
  • The Cinnamon Roller for sticky buns and cinnamon rollers
  • The Wind-Up toy shop (now closed)
  • The man-eating plant puppet show
  • Young ladies giving each of them $4 right before Christmas
  • Flowers – particularly seas of dahlias
  • Swarms of people
  • Beautiful fruits and vegetables
  • The paper snake at the Philippine Market
  • Shops Down Under, particularly Golden Age Collectibles (our grandson is convinced Down Under is haunted)
  • The buskers
  • The Flying Fish (our grandkids like the monkfish)
  • The smells emanating from La Panier
  • A stop at Grandma and Grandpa’s floor tile (near spot 534)

Our daughters have passed the love of the Market to their children.  A trip to visit us would not be complete without a walk through.  Our grandchildren like Beechers for the best macaroni and cheese, dill pickles from DeLaurentis and a stop at the gum wall.

Sometimes the more things change the more things stay the same.  I am happy to report the Market is still the same in many ways.

As always, I am ending my week with King County Covid 19 data over the past 2 weeks  ( as of 10/28/20)

  • Positive tests – 2304 (2.6% of those tested, up .3% from last week)
  • Hospitalizations – 56
  • Deaths – 17

Have a good weekend and please wear your Halloween masks (even with friends), avoid crowds and VOTE!



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