It was a dark and stormy night…

No, I am not talking about the election! 

A getaway was in order this week and we headed to the WA coast.  November is the rainiest and stormiest month in the northwest.  This week was no exception, particularly on the ocean!

We rented a cabin at Iron Springs Resort for two nights.  It is about two hours from home, which is about perfect. This place gets rave reviews and it is justified.  The cabin we stayed in was part of a duplex.  We had 2 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room with satellite tv and a deck with an amazing view of the Pacific. 

What struck me most about this place is the exquisite attention to detail.  Everything is carefully thought out and in place for the convenience of the guests.  The cabins are decorated to reflect the history of Iron Springs and to complement the amazing natural beauty of the area. Every cabin is dog friendly and they roll out the welcome mat with special towels, a bed and dog dishes.  Our dog doesn’t want to leave and neither do we!

My friend asked me what my plans were while I was gone.  I told her I would be doing the same things I do at home (reading, watching tv, sleeping, drinking wine, eating and walking), but without the chores that always seem to nag me when I am home.

We got a break in the weather and took a long walk on Copalis Beach.  We were alone on the beach most of the afternoon. It was absolutely spectacular!

We also took a few outings to Ocean Shores and to Ocean Crest.  We did eat out a couple of times (which is scary), but both places were close to empty and staff were conscientious in following the necessary precautions. But we mainly just hung out at the cabin and thoroughly relaxed (while checking the internet every hour to see the outcome of the Presidential election).

Yes, it was stormy and rainy some of the time, but still well worth it.  We needed to get away from the intensity of the election and the (predictable) aftermath.  It felt good to unplug a bit, although not completely.

For more photos, check out travelswithallene on Instagram.

The resort doesn’t have the most robust Wi Fi.  When we checked in, we learned that Wi Fi is getting a lot of use by remote workers, kids learning from home and people like me who are frequently checking the election results.  So I don’t have the latest King County COVID 19 data to share with you.

But I think we all know that cases are going up everywhere and people are getting lax about maintaining their pandemic precautions. 

Please be sure and wear your mask, avoid gatherings and get your flu shot if you haven’t already done so.

Maybe by Monday we MIGHT know who the next President will be.  See you then.



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