On Halloween weekend, my best chum came across a tiny black kitten all on its own.  She is a cat person and came to the kitty’s rescue.  She wasn’t able to tell the gender because ‘it’ was too tiny.  She was able to get into the vet on Friday…….and it is a HE.  And what did she decide to name him?  Biden, of course.  The little guy is pictured above.

Speaking of Biden, the wait is finally over.  We have a new president-elect and I am one of the 74 million people who voted for him.  I voted my values as did many others.  I am breathing a sigh of relief but I know the challenges ahead are like nothing our country has experienced in my lifetime.

I loved both the Harris and the Biden speeches on Saturday night! But what I really loved was the audience. I saw tears of pure unadulterated joy! And the diversity of the audience was so telling.

President-elect Biden is from a working-class family, as am I.  My dad was a pipe fitter at a local refinery and my mom was a nurses’ aid and cleaned houses.  I am not sure my dad graduated from high school.  He was born in 1898 and his dad died when he was two, leaving his mom widowed with 4 children.  I am not sure how that all worked in 1900 with no safety net!  My mom did graduate from high school.  She was raised on a homestead and went into Billings, MT for high school.  She had to take the room and board route for a place to live while going to school. I am proud of my roots and feel fortunate that I was able to go to college (with grants, loans and work study). My heart continues to be with working class families and the challenges they are facing with the economy, employment, and remote learning for their kids. Biden’s commitment to the working class is one of the reasons I voted for him.

Biden is clear that he intends to be the President for all Americans, not just D’s.  He also wants unity and healing. That is going to be easier said than done.  After all, 70 million people voted for Trump. And the differences between the parties seem to be staggering. 

I was reading a column by Jonah Goldberg, a conservative, and editor-in chief of the Dispatch.  He also hosts a podcast, the Remnant.  He talks about how organized religion is receding as a binding force and, for many people, politics is filling the void. Families are being torn apart by political differences, as are many friendships! 80% of Trump and Biden supporters report having few or no friends that supported the other guy. Guilty as charged!

But, as David Brooks says, the other side is ‘not going away’. 70 million voters made that point perfectly clear!

See you on Wednesday.


P.S. R.I.P. Alex Trebek! 


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