The Afghan Games v.2

Great Falls Girls Team: A, D, J1, J2, M, N, and S

Equipment: Size 35/50 knitting needles, 4 colors of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, 2 skeins of each color

Goal: Knit an afghan using our college pattern

Timeline: Oh…..whenever!

Afghan Games v.1 (1972)

All but one of the team above attended Montana State University.  We all requested the same dorm our freshman year, Hannon Hall. Our rooms were on the same floor. We were friends to start with, but freshman year sealed the deal.

At the end of fall quarter or the beginning of winter quarter (I can’t remember exactly), J2 introduced the team to knitting.  And we all embraced it with a vengeance and made afghans using the same pattern.  The colors varied but that was about it.  Two of the team still have these afghans that are now almost 50 years old!

Afghan Games v. 2 (2020)

We have stayed friends over the decades, but I don’t think any of us (other than J2) stuck with knitting. 

Enter J1.  She apparently came across some afghans that looked like the ones we made in college and sent us all a text. 

Enter M.  She said she needed a hobby as the weather gets cold and COVID is on the rise.

Enter A (me).  I sent a text asking if the team was up for an afghan reprise?

Enter J2 who remembered the original pattern. 

And we were off! 

All of our current afghans are in different stages.  I have finished mine (pictured above).  J1, M, and S are in various stages.  N will be joining us, but she has a handicap (her new kitten who might think yarn is a new plaything). I am sure J2 is ahead of all of us. And D will launch when she returns from the tropics.

I think all of us realize that our fingers aren’t what they used to be!  Frequent rest periods are needed.  And we can no longer multi-task because we easily lose count.

Taking this game on has brought back so many memories for us. I am grateful that we are all still here, can remember how to knit and, best of all, still friends!

Happy knitting and I will see you on Friday.



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