An Anthony Fauci Thanksgiving

My husband and I are big Fauci fans!  We find that we have a few things in common:

  • We believe in science and public health
  • We are ‘elderly’ too
  • We also have three daughters who don’t live nearby

Dr. Fauci was asked how he plans to celebrate Thanksgiving this year.  He said that he and his wife plan on eating alone at home and Zoom celebrating with his three daughters.  Sounds like a safe plan and who am I to argue with Dr. Fauci?

We will also eat at home alone and are hopeful that Dungeness crab might make an appearance as our dinner.  We picked up some fabulous wine when we celebrated our daughter’s birthday from Syncline and Phelp’s Creek (pinot noir blanc). I think we will open a bottle or two for the occasion.  That being said, Beaujolais nouveau arrives on 11/20, so that might be uncorked, as well.  I will make a pumpkin pie to give this meal somewhat of a festive feel.

My best chum is also working on her Thanksgiving menu.  So far, she has landed on cheeseball, beef stick, crackers, pumpkin pie and a little vino. 

Like Dr. Fauci, we also plan on Zooming with our daughters.  We have asked them to find time that will work for each of their families and will schedule 3 zoom calls accordingly. 

No Thanksgiving would be complete for me without at least one viewing of Home for the Holidays.  When the movie was first released in 1995, I related to the Holly Hunter character.  As time goes by, I find I relate more to the Charles Durning character!

So while this won’t be a typical Thanksgiving, I think we can make it work.

On a somber note, here are the King County COVID 19 stats (as of 11/10/20). 

Over the past 14 days:

  • Positive tests – 4773 (4.7%)
  • Hospitalizations – 150 (101 in the past 24 hours!)
  • Deaths 12

None of this is going in the right direction. Our state public health leaders had a news conference on 11/10.  All of them echoed the same message: ‘any in-person gathering is risky, including Thanksgiving dinner’.  Message received!

Have a good weekend and consider avoiding gyms, coffee shops and eating in restaurants.  All of these venues seem to be high risk locations for COVID 19 transmission. And remember that masks work both ways – they protect you and others.

See you on Monday! Allene


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