Public Health is More Important!

We try and do take out from a local restaurant on Saturday night.  Our frequent choice is Pimienta Bistro.  Pimienta is very local and has an eclectic menu.  It doesn’t have the best location in the world – it is at the end of a small strip mall (pictured above).  Parking is a challenge at the best of times and there is no space for setting up outdoor dining.   But they persevere and, hopefully, have built up a loyal following. 

Rumors were swirling on Saturday that our governor was going to issue new restrictions to try and tame COVID 19 in our state, which he did on Sunday.  One of those restrictions is no indoor dining.  This will be the second time in 2020 that indoor dining is off the table (pardon the pun).

When I picked up our takeout order on Saturday night, I talked with the son’s owner about the likely shut down.  He said this is a fairly quiet time of the year for them anyway but, regardless, ‘PUBLIC HEALTH IS MORE IMPORTANT’!

I am used to that perspective because I have it as do most of my friends.  But it was very affirming to hear that from a very small business owner!  His comment made me committed to a weekly Pimienta takeout meal.

‘We’ve got to face up to – that until a vaccine is ready, more restrictions and closures are coming……political leaders should start with more financial aid to people and businesses, pronto.’.  

Danny Westneat, Seattle Times

I couldn’t agree more!  For restrictions to be successful, a safety net is needed.

There was also a page and a half message in the Sunday Seattle Times from 500 King County nurses, pleading with people to turn the trend around so our hospitals aren’t overwhelmed.  Their message continues to be:

  • Wear a mask when in public, particularly indoors
  • Stay at least 6 feet apart from people not in your household
  • Avoid gatherings, particularly inside
  • Reduce travel and other activities away from home
  • Get tested if you are exposed or have symptoms.

I have to confess that while I always wear a mask, I have not been closely adhering to the ‘stay 6 feet apart even if everyone is wearing a mask’ message. I am also grocery shopping too frequently and shopping when the stores are busy.

I think the next months are the time for renewed commitment and vigilance by doing what we know works to prevent COVID 19, even though we are tired of it and its tough! And I sincerely hope Congress and the President can get on the same page about a COVID relief package and soon.

Happy anniversary to our daughter and her husband! See you on Wednesday,



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