That’s Enough of That!

It has been a stormy week.  First of all, it is in fact stormy here.  Then we have the incomprehensible situation in the White House (peaceful transfer of power, anyone?). Our governor just issued new restrictions on businesses and gatherings in response to the exponential growth in COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.  Businesses and their employees are hurting because there is no real bail out to help them right now. Our kids are still ‘learning’ remotely. And then we have the holidays.  Even though we are 100% behind the restrictions, the inability to see family and friends and do a little travel during the holidays is tough.

I was going to write a ‘down’ post today when I was visited by the ghost of holidays past, my mother-in-law, Marie. She would only put up with complaining for a few minutes and then would utter one of her memorable Marie phrases, ‘that’s enough of that!’ Most people knew better than to argue with Marie and I certainly never did!

With that phrase in mind, I thought of something that I never complain about, Beaujolais Nouveau!  The first Beaujolais wine is always released the third Thursday in November.  In Paris, the first bottle is uncorked at midnight. 

It’s Beaujolais Nouveau time!

We have been fans of this wine for decades.  We were trying to remember when we first heard about it.  We think it was in the mid 80’s and we read about it in the Seattle Weekly.  At one point, the wine was flown from Paris to NYC via the Concorde.  We remember when a plane would land at Boeing Field with the first batch. We have never missed a release, no matter where we lived.

My husband found a great article about this year’s release.  We have made our pilgrimage to Total Wine to purchase our first bottles (pictured above).  For some reason, this wine must be drunk by the end of the year.  I guess it isn’t considered Nouveau after New Year’s.

Since there isn’t a whole lot to celebrate in 2020, this year’s release is expected to do very well (even if it isn’t great wine).  People are drinking more wine (ahem) and looking for a reason to celebrate.  Marie would be on board with this celebration!

King County COVID 19 stats over the past two weeks (as of 11/18/20):

  • Positive tests – 6817 (6.1% of those tested – YIKES)
  • Hospitalizations – 217
  • Deaths – 17

Have a good weekend and stay vigilant.  There is a lot of virus out there!

See you on Monday,



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