The 3 Wise Men/Women

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving and stayed safe!

Now, onto the holidays!

Advent begins on Sunday. I am sure all of you know that many Christians use the four Sundays and weeks of Advent to prepare for and remember the real meaning of Christmas.

The Christian Christmas season doesn’t end on Christmas day.  It continues until the 12th night (the 12 days of Christmas) and ends on Epiphany Eve (January 5, 2021). Epiphany celebrates the visit of the Magi (the 3 wise men) to visit baby Jesus. 

I started thinking about the Christmas season in light of the pandemic.  I doubt there will be a miracle on December 24-25 this year.  I imagine that we will be celebrating Christmas much like we celebrated Thanksgiving.  And I also fear that our hospitals will be over capacity and there will be more deaths to mourn.

But I am taking the long view and remembering that the Christmas season actually runs through January 6, 2021. 

And that may be when we get the miracle in the form of the 3 wise men. 

In 2021, the 3 wise men and women might be named Pfizer, Moderna, and Astra Zeneca.  While I have nothing against prescription medication, I never imagined that I would necessarily be equating 3 pharmaceutical companies with the 3 wise men, but I am making an exception this season. 

By January 6th, one of more vaccines produced by these companies may be available for our health care workers and first responders.  And hopefully, the vaccines will be safe and effective and available to others soon after.

As always, I am ending the week with the (ugly) COVID 19 stats for King County for the last two weeks (as of 11/25/20):

  • Positive tests – 9,141 (9.6% of those tested)
  • Hospitalizations – 251
  • Deaths – 27

Have a good weekend with your established quarantine bubble and see others outdoors.

See you on Monday!



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