The Wrong Barbie?

I find myself wanting to start my posts with…….if someone had told me x months ago…..and today’s post is no exception.

If someone had told me even 2 months ago that I would be sitting in the parking lot outside of Joann’s Fabrics waiting for it to open, I would have said they had the wrong Barbie.

More than once I have found myself in the Joann’s parking lot, either waiting for the store to open or to pick up an order. 

I have turned into a knitting fool!

I have never been one for crafts.  I don’t particularly like them and I am pretty picky.  I do love artisan jewelry, but I don’t really consider that a craft. Then I rediscovered knitting as part of our ‘afghan games’ project (see my November 11th post).  And I am hooked!  My guest room looks like a mini yarn shop.

I am not a particularly fast knitter and I am certainly not a talented knitter, but I am having fun!  Fortunately, I have a few people (primarily family) who are willing to take one of my ‘creations’, mistakes and all.  And I like that they are useful, not just decorative.

I did hear on the radio that knitting is one of the top trends right now.  I even saw that knitting is the new yoga.  Who knew! I do know that yarn is getting scarce.

I am even finding a little social outlet with my knitting.  One of my chums is also hooked and we had a Zoom knitting conversation on Monday.  And my college friends are all in various stages of afghan completion.

There is only one drawback.  I have been knitting so much that my shoulders are sore and my carpal tunnel is acting up.  I have lousy knitting form which doesn’t help. But, once I am obsessed……

See you on Friday!



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