Ghosts of Christmas Past

For those of you who don’t know, my birthday kicks off the holiday season (thanks, NS). Lots of people have beat me to the punch and have a head start on the holidays this year by putting up Christmas decorations long before Thanksgiving.

Regardless of when, or if, you decorated, it is time for focus on December and the holidays.

We usually plan a pretty low-key Christmas. 

Our daughters are grown and have their own family traditions.  So, we are used to being solo.  We have had some traditions over the years.  We make a trip to downtown Seattle to experience some city festivities, including a trip to Pike Place Market.  We usually do that close to 12/24.  On Christmas day, we love experiencing Mass at St. James Cathedral.  It is truly magical from start to finish!  We often go out to lunch afterwards and then to a movie.

Looking at 2020, I think we will still plan a trip to Seattle and the Market.  I want to see if there is any holiday spirit to be found in the city.  St. James is out, as is going to a movie theater to see a new release.  Oh, and forget about lunch since there is no indoor dining. 

My husband asked me what we are going to do on Christmas Day.  Frankly, I don’t have a clue but imagine a long walk, zooming with family, a beverage or two and a tasty dinner might be in the mix.

As holiday 2020 gets underway, we have found ourselves unusually nostalgic. 

When I decorated the tree, I looked at every ornament as a memory of our 42 years together and our family.  The outdoor lights are exactly like we have always done them for the 12 years we have lived here.  And we always display at least one poinsettia.

Then we went even further back in our holiday memories. My husband found some prints depicting Christmas in Great Falls, MT where we both grew up (pictured).  According to my selective memories, we ALWAYS had a white Christmas!  I remember all the special rituals of my childhood such as being in in cahoots with my first friend on our Christmas wish lists, the crunch of snow when walking to the store or shopping downtown, visiting Smelter Hill to see the Christmas lights and driving a way out of town to see the Grotto. There are so many memories of those Montana Christmases!

I imagine many of you may be nostalgic for your Christmas’ past.  I, for one, am looking forward to 2020 being a Christmas past! In the meantime, I will savor the holiday rituals that are still possible and look for new ways to celebrate the season.

See you on Wednesday,



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