Light at the End of the Tunnel?

I am changing it up a bit this week and posting on Thursday instead of Friday.

I am a person who is into color.  While I love the look of an all-neutral palette, I just can’t do it.  My favorite color used to be red, but it has shifted to most shades of green.

Like our daughter, I have followed Pantone’s color of the year for a number of years.  I think they started naming a color in 2000.  I have learned that Pantone’s choice has a huge influence on not only fashion and design, but also on culture.  I really enjoy following Pantone on Instagram.

The 2020 color of the year was classic blue.  I am a fan of seasonal color analysis and going back to the basics, Color Me Beautiful, classic or true blue is a color that can be worn by all seasons. The picture on my blog doesn’t capture the right shade of blue.

I found this interesting quote:

‘Pantone’s picks have been imbued with social significance, serving as a snapshot of the global mood. Pantone’s 2020 selection was Classic Blue, a tame choice meant to counteract the existential anguish of autocratic leaders like Donald Trump and the mass propaganda behind them on platforms like Facebook.’

Mark Wilson

Since color can be such a powerful personal and cultural influence, I have to wonder if the choice of classic (democrat) blue might have influenced the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election????

For 2021, Pantone has chosen two colors: Illuminating (a bright lemon yellow) and Ultimately Gray (resembling wet cement). One of the reasons gray was apparently added to the mix is that it has been popular for a number of years and, with the pandemic, people can’t afford to change it out. 

On so many levels, these two 2021 color choices reflect a ultimately gray tunnel with a much-needed illuminating light at the end of it!

COVID 19 stats for King County, WA over the past 14 days (as of 12/8/20):

  • Positive tests – 9184
  • Hospitalizations – 350 (!)
  • Deaths – 47 (!)

The numbers, particularly hospitalizations, continue to go in the wrong direction and it looks like not enough people are paying attention to the governor’s directive and sticking close to home and hanging out indoors with your immediate household.

Hunker down this weekend and I will be back on Monday.



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