Winter Solstice

Today is the winter solstice and the first day of winter. 

I am a big fan of noting the changing seasons and I like living in a climate with distinct seasons.  I do MAJOR things on the first day of each season, such as changing out my toothbrush and my mascara!

Here’s a bit more about the winter solstice.  We know it as the shortest day of the year and, in many cultures, it is marked by festivals and rituals.  I have found a site that describes the winter solstice traditions around the world.  It is widely celebrated in Nordic countries. Here is an article from Sunset on ways we can celebrate the winter solstice and ‘must purchase’ items (😊)!

Here is a timely piece on ‘Wintering’ by Cydney Weiner from Maria Shriver’s Sunday paper: Why Wintering is Crucial to Our Wellbeing. There is a new book by Katherine May, Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times. It looks like a great winter solstice read!

As we celebrate the winter solstice, enter Dege one of my all-time favorite people. We became fast friends in the fourth grade and even did a stint as college roommates.   We rarely see each other, but when we do we don’t miss a beat.

Today is her birthday and she epitomizes the winter solstice.  She never retreats from winter and, in fact, embraces it and can’t wait for the snow to fall.  It is a good thing she lives in Montana!  Despite not being officially Nordic, she channels a Scandi vibe. 

Dege is my age and her favorite activities are ice skating and skiing!  She still tears up the slopes. Her goal is to still be skiing at 70 so she can get yet another discount on her season pass.  I have no doubt she will meet and exceed that goal.  The picture on my blog today is of the ice-skating rink she creates for herself in her back yard! She bought herself new ice skates last winter as her combo birthday/Christmas gift.

Today I am celebrating Dege, the winter solstice and the first day of a new season.

Enjoy the shortest day of the year and I will see you on Wednesday.



5 thoughts on “Winter Solstice

  1. As an avid gardener, I, too, love winter. There is palpable energy is emitted as plants work beneath the soil mending and consolidating ,” planning” their next show. It feels like there are elves in tunnels tending to the root systems and checking on the health of earth worms and other garden helpers.

    I like to trim deciduous tress, the shape of the trunk and branches, now revealed, is displayed and made ready for potential snowfall. The evergreens become prominent both visually and with fragrance. My mind hums a favorite holiday song…The Song of the Evergreens. I think I see the evergreens swaying to the tune in the winter winds. At night the damp soil emits a rich fragrance.

    In our mild climate we graced by winter blooming plants. My back yard has many vanilla plants in bloom and highly fragrant on days and nights when temperature seems are in 50 degree range.

    Adding to the wonder, this feels like well kept secret which makes it even more juicy to savor.

    And the cloak of darkness and stars and moon is long lasting bringing a splendid wrap around it all. Keeping it all snuggled in.

    I love you WINTER!!!!!


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