Christmas in the Northwest

‘The wind may not blow

Might not even snow

But there’s nothing like Christmas

Right here at home

It may not be white

Might be a rainy night…..

Take away the presents, and you still will have a tree.

Christmas in the Northwest is a gift God wrapped in green’

Christmas in the Northwest, lyrics by Brenda White (1985)

This is one of the only Christmas songs specific to our neck of the woods.  It came out in 1985 and while it is definitely corny, it can still bring a tear or two.

We are spending our Christmas ‘right here at home’ like the song says.  While I miss many of our usual activities, I am overall just fine.  We managed to score some mussels for Christmas Eve and will do a turkey dinner on Christmas.  We can relax and enjoy cooking because we aren’t trying to fit in Mass in Seattle, Christmas lunch out and a newly released movie.

We watched The Thin Man for the first time and my husband watched his all-time favorite Christmas movie – A Christmas Carol .  And we will both catch the Call the Midwife holiday special on PBS tonight.

We’ve had plenty of time for long walks and I have been a reading and knitting fiend. I actually have a knitting overuse injury!

Our family is still healthy, we have enough resources, we have plenty of food, so overall it is all good!

My heart goes out to the many families who can’t say the same thing today.  It isn’t too late to make a food bank/pantry donation if you haven’t already donated.

My hope is that 2021 will be brighter for everyone.

Merry Christmas and I will be back on Monday.


I’m not going to dive into COVID 19 data today.  But an average of 7 people die everyday in our state from COVID 19. So 14 families will likely lose loved ones on Christmas Eve and Christmas day this year.


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