Can we fast forward through the tunnel?

Well, it is 2021.  Are we there yet?

While I am optimistic about 2021, I think the first part of this year will continue in the same tunnel as 2020 for a while. I just wish I knew for how long.

I believe we will get the COVID 19 vaccine at some point, hopefully in the first part of 2021. But things aren’t rolling smoothly in that regard so far.  Washington has an estimated 500,000 health care workers and people in long term care.  That is a lot of people to poke!  And people will continue to get infected, need to be hospitalized and many will die before the vaccine hits the mark. In King County alone, 327 people have been hospitalized and 75 have died in the last 2 weeks (as of 1/2/21).

Side note: the vaccine is a federal asset and, in my opinion, needs to be managed as such; none of this hit and miss business at the under/unevenly resourced state and local level!

We have rescheduled a trip to Italy twice.  It is now scheduled for the end of April.  There are a lot of unknowns between now and then.  The first being will we be vaccinated x 2 by then?  If not, another postponement is likely to the fall.

While I sorely miss travel, particularly to Italy and Canada, I am really missing human contact.  I am grateful for my husband but I know that he too would love to get back to the gym and see his pals.

We tried to meet up with our daughter’s family last week.  While we saw them, the weather was far too miserable to actually share some time together.  So basically, we drove down, saw them for 5 minutes and drove back. Even with the best of intentions, outdoor socializing in the cold and rainy Northwest is a challenge! 

While ZOOM is a great tool, it doesn’t substitute for being with (and hugging) the people I care about.  I long for coffee dates, lunches, indoor movies, and happy hours to catch up my friends.  I want to be able to go to Oregon to see our daughters and their families.  I want to get on a plane or take a train.  I would love a trip to Montana to see family and friends, and the list goes on!

I think the pent-up demand for travel and human contact is going to hit like a tsunami once it is safe.  And I will be part of that human tsunami the second I get my second dose!

See you on Wednesday,



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