Mask ‘Sloppiness’!

OK, here is my total pet peeve.  Almost everyone around here wears a mask, but many people wear them ‘sloppily’.

It just isn’t that hard to cover both your nose and your mouth with your mask, not just your mouth. And masks don’t belong around your neck! CDC first recommended face coverings in public almost 9 months ago.  It is frustrating that people still don’t wear them at all or don’t bother to wear them correctly.

Here is a link to a great poster from CDC with the scoop on masks.  It includes these tips:

  • Put the mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin
  • Don’t put it around your neck or up on your forehead
  • Don’t touch it on your face
  • After you take it off, wash your hands
  • Wash the mask after wearing

I think most people know that there are some far more contagious variants of the coronavirus out there.  And we just learned that more than 50% of the COVID 19 cases are a result of asymptomatic spread.  The only defense we have until vaccine is more widely available is proper mask wearing, along with physical distancing and handwashing.

I am going to call out Kroger’s in this post and not in a good way.  I was at our local Kroger’s store the other day.  I usually go early so I can avoid a crowd.  That morning so many of the staff were lax about their masks by not covering their nose, wearing their masks around their neck, and by wearing single layer bandanas, etc.  If I could have found a manager, I would have raised hell (I was reduced to submitting a terse comment on their website)!  Grocery store workers are essential and at high risk of exposure.  Wouldn’t you think the store would work to ensure a safer environment for their workers and customers by providing appropriate masks for their employees and making sure they are worn properly?  I also think grocery store employees should continue to get enhanced pay but that is another story.

Despite nearly universal mask wearing, in King County over the past 14 days there have been (as of 1/9/21):

  • 6,809 positive tests
  • 290 hospitalizations
  • 61 deaths 

I have to wonder if mask ‘sloppiness’ might be allowing some COVID 19 spread and a contributor to the numbers?

See you on Wednesday and wear the damn mask………correctly!


P.S. The picture on today’s blog was taken before the Seahawks were trounced by the Rams


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