January in the NW – Some fun!

I usually like the weather in the NW.  The spring and fall are lovely and the summer is mild. The winter rain doesn’t usually bother me.  But, January 2021 is getting on my nerves and we aren’t even halfway through the month.

According to the Weather Channel, we are in the midst of an ‘atmospheric river’ that is bringing flooding and landslides.

‘Seattle, Olympia, Washington, and Salem, Oregon, all had a top 10 wettest first 10 days of January on record.

Seattle has already picked up 75% of its average monthly rainfall (5.57 inches) in the first 10 days of January.’

Southwest Regional Climate Center

January is a good month to plan an escape.  Last year we went to Monterey for a sunbreak.  This year we had planned on going back for a longer stay but the pandemic derailed that idea.  Lots of people leave here during the rainiest months, if they can get away, and others are outdoor enthusiasts and head to the snow.

When I was working, the weather was a non-event, unless it was snowing.  Snow brings the NW to a complete standstill.  But since I retired, I am much more attuned to the weather and plan my days accordingly, since I love to take walks and much prefer exercising outdoors. 

I have the gear that is supposed to work in the rain, but I still come back from every walk soaked and looking liked a drowned rat! I would like a one-month gym membership for the month of January, but that is not an option in 2021.  So I keep venturing out in the rain, but I am not happy about it!

I was complaining to my husband and he said, “would you rather be buried in snow?!”. He has a point. 

So I am focused on my indoor hobbies of knitting, reading, zooming with friends, Netflix, and film noir on TCM. And I keep an eye on the hourly weather to see when I can go for my walk and dodge at least a few raindrops!

See you on Friday when a drier day is in the forecast.



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