Monday Mish Mash

Many of the bloggers I follow do some sort of a miscellaneous musing on Mondays. And they hang together, more or less. 

Mine is more of a mish mash!

Today I am going to talk about 3 completely unrelated things – allbirds, Trader Joe’s and the Thin Man movies. The only thing they have in common is that I am a total fan of all three!

First allbirds

I was an allbirds early adopter.  I love sneakers and I liked the environmental sensibilities of the company.  I started out with the runners early on.  I found them amazingly comfortable.  I have since moved on to the loungers, the mizzles and now the tree dasher. 

With the dasher purchase in August, my devotion was complete.  I am primarily a neighborhood walker these days.  I put them on and never looked back. They were immediately comfortable.

The other day I looked down and noticed the fabric was fraying.  I am long past my 30 day unconditional return timeline but decided to send them an email with a picture of the ‘damage’. Within 30 minutes, I had a response. ‘Joe’ from allbirds asked me a few questions and within an hour I had a return label.  They are going to send me a new pair! 

My devotion is even more complete!

Now, Trader Joes

I have liked TJ’s since our time in CA during the 90’s.  I am a fairly devoted TJ’s shopper and usually go there at least once a month.

Shopping there was a little dicey at the beginning of the pandemic.  Masks were hit and miss, no one seemed to be able to follow the directional signs on the floor and the store was pretty crowded.  And many of our favorite items were low on stock.

They got their act together quickly! Unlike other grocery stores I have been to, they have a greeter who strictly enforces our current indoor capacity limits (25% of maximum building occupancy).  The staff all wear their masks properly, as do the customers, and the stock is much better. I still wouldn’t go at a busy time, but it feels pretty safe.  It is my favorite grocery store during these scary times.

Finally, the Thin Man Movies

My favorite blogger’s favorite holiday movie is the Thin Man.  It is set at Christmas, but Christmas doesn’t play a big part.  We watched it over the holidays and got hooked on the series.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Thin Man movies, they are mysteries that were made in 30’s and 40’s and star William Powell and Myrna Loy.  Myrna Loy was a Montana girl which is part of the appeal, as is their dog Asta.  Asta is the real star!

There are 6 movies in the series and here is a good clip with more of the history. There is some good humor, great fashion from that era, and the mysteries are always interesting.

Thanks for putting up with my Monday Mish Mash. I’m off to get my vaccine and will report back on Wednesday!


P.S. As always, I have no financial relationship with allbirds or TJ’s, other than buying their goods.


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