Laziness as a virtue

When I was growing up, being lazy was seen as 2nd only to being a serial killer!  My mother had no tolerance for ‘laziness’. 

I had a best chum in grade school.  We used to hang out at her house a lot.  She was far more industrious than I was, but we still did our fair share of just laying around.  Her dad once called us a couple of sloths!  I didn’t know what a sloth was, but I got the message.  I found a sloth Christmas ornament and gave it to my chum in memory of her dad. 

On another note, who didn’t love the sloths at the DMV in Zootopia! 

Sloths are having a moment right now.  I don’t think it is a coincidence as time has SLOWED way down, sloth style, during the pandemic.

I am pretty prone to being lazy and have had to fight that tendency for much of my adult life.  I like to just sit and read, knit or watch tv.  Or just sit PERIOD!  Being industrious is not second nature to me.

Over the past few months, I have found myself slowing way down.  I still get my daily walk in but am pretty happy to set my to do list aside for another day.  The problem is that I am having trouble finding ‘another day’ to turn to on some of my chores!

I’ve decided that a laziness paradigm shift is in order. 

I found this great article that makes the case for laziness with ‘lazy people likely being smarter and more successful’.

‘We should consider embracing the positive aspects of our own inner laziness’

Tom Popomaronis

So maybe we should consider laziness a virtue, not a vice?

This is unique time we are living in and maybe slowing down and embracing laziness is the survival tool we need for now.

My only worry is that my ‘to do’ list isn’t getting done on its own!

It is going to rain here this weekend, so I am going to embrace my inner, and outer, laziness and I will see you on Monday.


P.S. I did a post about Mary back on October 2.  She was 103 and had survived 4 influenza pandemics, COVID 19 and was still counting until now.

I heard from my first friend that Mary just passed.  She fell 2 weeks ago and broke her neck. She had been in the hospital, but it sounds like she was in charge until the end.  She decided to go on her eldest son’s 74th birthday, who died 4 years ago. 


One thought on “Laziness as a virtue

  1. OMG can I relate to this one!! My mom NEVER let me do nothing or eve rest. All the work had to be done before you could do anything fun. And the work was NEVER done. Thanks for giving me permission to be “lazy”.


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